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carbon fiber alternator cover

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Ace Hardware will have metal inserts (sleeves or spacers) that should work.  Might need to grind the sleeve to match the height and drill the cover to accept the extra diameter.



I thought about this right away.  My big concern is how much carbon fiber needs to be drilled out of the holes. 

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Mikko, keep us posted.  My wife owes me a nice Xmas present.

This is up my alley... So will these parts cost a kidney, spline and an eyeball? A purely carbon Scura would be just sexy. 

@docc https://mdicarbonfiber.com/products/ducati-moto_guzzi_1100_sport-alternator-cover made in the 🇺🇸 [docc Copied Image Location.]

Alright. Sorry, dudes. I went rogue (again) . . . . clear coated what zinc chromate stayed on after the bench grinder's wire wheel . . .



Haha: yep! That is the actual "finish!" :grin:

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Just make sure they incorporate aluminium inserts into mount points esp ones like the valve and alternator covers where the tabs are smaller. I'm sure there would be a market fora carbon V11 tank with all the Ethanol tank swelling issues about. Talking about tanks they should also be treated with a liquid liner before use to make doubly sure they arent affected over the long term.


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