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crankcase vent return line

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2 hours ago, bbolesaz said:

Looks like very clean motor oil.


Right? It has an oily consistency, as well. That is partly why I chased after it with the crankcase vent return for so long. I really don't understand why my fuel tank is doing this.

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14 minutes ago, czakky said:

No tank lining or anything?

Original tank. No lining. Had its share of ethanol. Got away from it for a while, but been using US Shell premium V-Power Nitro+. I like the way the Sport runs on this fuel, but it still has the ethanol component. And the *binary azeotropes* that go with it. :blink:

Weird, this started after I did that tank drain test of how much fuel gets trapped in a V11 tank.  <_<

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