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Removal of V11 sport transmission shaft


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Hi all,


Long time listener, first time caller. I am trying to replace the Uni joint in my drive shaft. The manual is not very helpful as simply says to undo the high tension bolts and remove!!! Have had a really good look through the “how to” section - so hoping this hasn’t been covered before (apologies if it has). Does anyone know of a way to remove the transmission shaft from the bike without removing the swing arm? The yoke of the universal joint is too large to fit through the hole in the swing arm - so you cant pull it down far enough to clear the gearbox shaft. I also considered taking the uni joint apart - but you also cant get to the clips on the uni joint. Any ideas?

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Welcome, and good on you for coming out of the closet. :D:luigi: Disclaimer: I've not done this job. If the U joint is truly too big to pass through the swing arm.. (why would they do that??) removing the swing arm seems like your easiest course of action. You *could* pull the engine and transmission out :o and get the driveshaft out that way.

I would never consider taking a uni joint apart without having it in my hand. Even at that, it's not a job for the timid. Pressure angle had a u joint out last summer, maybe he'll chime in.


Ok, did a little research on WG. My friend Joe started a LeMans project a few years ago with great documentation. He had already pulled the swing arm before I got to it, though.. Looks like you need to do that, all right..


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