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Parting Out 2002 Champagne LeMans

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I've decided to part out this project. I've had it for two years now and made a run at restoration (damn near got there too.) But I stole stuff for my Scura and other stuff for a Greenie... then I just started taking a hard look at what it would take to finish it and decided I don't have the time right now. For example, it really needs new brake rotors and the forks rebuilt... along with whatever is wrong with the engine that causes that knocking.


Here's a link to the project thread - you can scroll through the see the parts.




The rear wheel is already gone and a few small bits are already sold - minus all the stuff I raided for other projects - and a few wear items that I keep for future use. 


Lots of stuff is clearly used, but there's lots of new stuff and freshly powder-coated stuff. 


Send me a message with what you need, and we'll work out a deal. 

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If someone wants to make this whole again, I have a mostly complete greenie, the engine only has around 14k on it and ran great when I stopped riding due to a newer V11 that was purchased.  All parts are for sale.  


Not trying to thread jack Scud

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I stripped the bike yesterday, so things will be easier to sell now. 




I'm not going to list every part with a price, so if you want something let me know and we can work out a good deal. Here are a few "highlights"


Complete Twin Plate Clutch - with trans input spline - good for converting from a single plate

Roper Plate

Hyperpro shock - barely used. Comes with transferrable free rebuild coupon

Complete LeMans fairing with all brackets and most hardware

Swingarm with new bearings installed (and sticker for California emissions)

Rear drive and drive shaft

Seat and pillion cover


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Dang Dave,


Beat me to the Roper plate.


Thank God I don't have a life and just spend all my time on the internet!



Looks like I spoke too soon. Someone else got it. :-(

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