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Bill Hagan

MGTD2 (AKA "Second Annual Guzzi Geezer Gathering”)

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[Apologies to those who have already seen this email or posts on other sites, but I became confused — more than my usual state! — in remembering whether I had sent this to some here by email, and also managed to delete my sent files.  Doh.  That led to the present barrage of the same thing.  As I said, sorry.]


Good morning from the top of Virginia.


MGTD2 in the subject line is what Kathi (somewhat insensitively) calls the just-concluded Moto Grappa Tech Days 2, a four-day, guy-only conclave of Moto Guzzi nuts enthusiasts at our home.  Kathi wisely escaped to Erie to avoid this event! 


 Anyway, if still reading, aside from locals, we had a number of fellow Guzzisti from Md., N.Y., N.J., Fla., Penna., visit and spend a night or three in an Old Flatulent Slumber Party.


During the days, they all worked on my Guzzis, à la Tom Sawyer, and another one — a vintage ’67 Guzzi that was voted “Best in Show."


So, I just finished culling about 700 pix — no, really!   :grin:  — and got them down to a more manageable (but no doubt still, for some, daunting) number.


Be that as it may, the pix come up in what Smugmug calls “collage landscape,” which means you do not have to plow through all — or, FTM, if you leave now, any  — to wander among the few that you might find worthy.  


Use your cursor to hover for captions that, with the pix, tell the MGTD2 story.  You'll have to “open” the pix in preview mode to read the longer captions.  


Still reading?  Go here: https://bill-and-kathi.smugmug.com/MGTD2-February-2019/n-78RTZt/ 


“Preview” is also the only way to watch and listen to the four very short vids I embedded there.  I think those are fun to watch and hear, but YMMV.  Just light up the first, https://bill-and-kathi.smugmug.com/MGTD2-February-2019/n-78RTZt/i-bd2Pxqb/A, then go to the next three.


Kathi got back from Erie after the MGTD2 closing ceremony, and — somewhat to my surprise — the house passed her cursory inspection.   ;) 




P.S. If you found that worthy, and/or are terminally bored, here are pix from the 2018 event: https://bill-and-kathi.smugmug.com/Moto-Grappa-Tech-Days-Feb-2018/n-tRCvsm/



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Bill Hagan

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