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2000 Sport Part Out

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On 4/9/2019 at 1:59 PM, r3datom9 said:

Greetings Inmates!

I just bought a new bike and need to make room in the garage.

The bike is almost complete and if you need any parts or spares let me know or make an offer.  

Priced to move!

Trying to move quickly as to not piss off the lady with too many toys. 

Seat is gone as are front brakes.

Btw, the bike has around 14k on it.  The tranny housing might be cracked as it was low sided at 20mph once.  Will know more when it is fully disassembled


Still have engine?

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My thanks to r3datom for helping me out. :thumbsup:

Sure appreciate the level of care sharing these parts with the community. :mg:

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How about front fender?  

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Still waiting for parts i paid for weeks ago......

Humans have mastered the ability to barter and trade. This goes back thousands of years. You have something I would like, I offer you something of equal value.

If we agree, then we exchange items and we are both the better. However, when one party fails to provide the item of value in a timely manner, then this throws the whole thing out of whack.

I’ve fulfilled my end of the agreement and gave items of value to the OP. I have been waiting for my items of value to arrive.

I no longer would like those items and I would like my items back. If one chooses to engage in this tradition going back millennia, then there are well established protocols.

Irrespective of ones personal situation, bartering for items of value comes with a responsibility to complete these transactions in a fairly timely manner.

Ones Reputation for being a competent trader will be judged by the successful, or not completion of these agreements.

In my dealings with the OP, I feel a month exceeds a “timely manner”....

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