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Stock V11 bin file fuel map analysis

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Get a little closer and take your time. There's at least one, coming right out of the black spot in the center.

And don't be too quick with the 15M Marelli system. It's rock solid and offers absolutely 100% of what can be used on this engine. Carbs, well, to each his own or so. When you expect more from a 'modern' bike like ours' than 'fuel in / fun out' and also think that the 'fuel in' part should be somewhat restricted, in this case carbs aren't a real option. Even crazy costly ones.

Interesting is the info about discrepancies between PC5 and TPS/PF3. Only last week a buddy from our forum told me how sweet the autotune option would be. Maybe the truth lays in the 'would be' part of his story :)

Anyway, your tuner is correct about autotune. It will screw the map to uselessness -but only if you leave it on for every days' use. That's not what it's meant for. Make a couple of test runs similar to how it's done on the dyno and then turn it off. Check for silly looking spikes, maybe smoothen them out, check rideability and then maybe repeat the autotune session. This will give you good results.

Another question is closed-loop running. Can the PC5 be used in closed-loop mode, that's basically auto-tune without modifying the map?

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