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Stock V11 bin file fuel map analysis

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Meinolf's theorys are basically correct but it's just as much a matter of practicality and feel though. A lot of whats been explained can only be ratified on the dyno, flow bench and via logging lambda. One of the benefits of the Ducati Desmo system is that it allows faster opening of the valves because the rate of acceleration isnt dependant on the mechanical considerations with regards to valve spring although this has been largely negated by pneumatic valve springs now. All good info and if it results in a better running more economical engine then that's great. 

However at the end of the day what valve clearances you use depends ( within reason) as much on "feel" and whats best for mechanical considerations. I ran my bikes with .15 and .2 from early on and when I changed to this setting it surprised me that it actually did feel like it ran better ( I was sceptical) however I also noted the starting was a little worse. Not to worry a couple of thou from factory settings isn't going to worry me mechanically and I traded one thing (starting) for a greater gain in the way the engine ran.

I'm not entirely sure I'd want to go to .25mm clearances though, just for mechanical reasons. That's .006" and .004" over the factory settings.I would be interested to see an engine thats used these clearances for 50,000 klms and see if there has been any mechanical considerations. It may have less wear,dont know.  It also retards the effective valve timing fractionally which could be a good thing or not depending on how far away from spec it is due to assembly tolerances and cam chain wear etc and shortens the duration which probably isn't a benefit.   

If Guzzidiag was around at the time and I'd fiddled with the mapping I could have probably made the starting better. Play with the settings and see what the current engine setup likes. 


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Hi, I still get frequent requests for the latest V11 BIN. During the last 2 years my activities have moved on to other bikes, Guzzi Jackal, Norge 1200 2V, Aprilia Mana GT and Aprilia RST 100

68C is right, but for me, I went a cheaper way. I saved the existing map using IAW15XREADER, and carefully labeled the saved file. This saved file can be reloaded over any other BIN file at any time.

Hi Kelly, valve play and timing have no connection. I've never measured AFR with a mistral crossover and oval exhaust. My setup is standard crossover and TI exhaust (which flows significantly bet

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On 6/18/2020 at 5:39 PM, Koudy01 said:

Especially Meinolf's setup for his BIN. But I don't understand to this point: "Idle sync using the two throttle stop screws". One throttle stop screw moves with both throttle butterfly valves, because butterfly valves are connected by a rod. So I don't know, how is it possible to sync the idle by those screws?

the point is the following. The ECU uses two tables with fuel injection values, left (main) and right (delta) cylinder. The tables are indexed by throttle opening (TPS value) and rpm. The TPS is attached to the right (delta) throttle. The challenge is to synchronize both throttle valves so that they are using the same TPS breakpoints. This is essential a small throttle openings, as the TPS breakpoints differ initially only very slightly.

At idle the springs are pressing the butterfly valves against the stop screws. Due to the numerous joints there's some play, which is overcome when opening the throttle. So, two different states. Pressing at idle, drawing when opening the throttle. My description is a pre-requisite when using my BIN, as the fuel values were arrived at logging lambda data based on it.


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