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V11 Sport Tach Help

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Like many of us, I acquired my V11 Sport with a dead tach. Not totally dead mind you, but it was bouncing around 2k rpms and would not really read much higher. I had a wonky voltage regulator when I bought the bike and I think that may have doomed the tach. Anyway, fast forward to this year which finds the bike with a new clutch, full insulated fuel system (no more hot stalls) and a fresh from ebay tach. The regulator was replaced last year and I've been watching the auction site for a tach for a full year. My patience was rewarded last week when I scored what looks to be a NIB tach for $61!. The catch ? (there's always a catch)...the standoffs on the back are not long enough to poke the threads through the cover so I can attach the two nuts to secure the tach. I tried using only the two by the speedo, but during a ride the tach slowly rotates in the rubber mount with nothing to secure it. 


So...I think I need some standoff extenders and I don't know what the thread pitch is on Guzzi's hardware. Would these work or do I need a different pitch?







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I can't use the originals as I don't want to open up the new tach. I just need to extend the short standoffs on the replacement tach a little so they are longer. The ones in the ebay auction are an example of what I would use. i just need to know if the threads are the same (M3). 


If there was an easy way to remove the standoffs from the original tach and move them to the replacement I would do that, but there isn't. It looks like you have to disassemble the tach to remove them. 



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My last Veglia is on display at home- I’ll get some dimensions this evening. (Pretty sure they are M5x0.9mm thread pitch.)

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So, they are 5mm but the pitch is fine: 0.8 mm

The stand-off is 20mm long from the tach case, then 8mm of threads (28mm overall). The hexagonal "stand-off" is female threaded at its base and screws onto (loosely fitting) studs that come from inside the case. While you may be able to unscrew the stand-offs, it is common for the studs to get loose and just spin. Mine are JBWelded.

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