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Power commander stopping Diag ?

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Hi All. 

So I have used guzzi diag for the first time hoping to finalise my tune up as per docs invaluable advice in these forums .  

I reset the TPS yesterday to 157mv and completed valve adjustment . Thought today I will reset the Co trim and the world will be a better place. Alas the computer says no. When trying to adjust the trim level of -81 !!!! Guzzi diag says and I quote 

Active diagnostics cannot be started ......

whaaa    My bubbles been burst. 

Could this be the power commander ?  

Sorry for seeming dim but I don’t know where to go next. ? 

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Make sure the motor is u to operating temperature and retry to set the CO with guzzidiag.  If that does not solve it, we can move to "what's next most."

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Thanks for replying docc. 

The motor was up to temp. I had readings as follows ;

Co trim -81

Engine temp.; 60 

Advanced ignition ; 16 

Air pressure 1030. 

I went to faults at one stage after reading back on this forum. Showed no faults.  Clicked read faults all clear. Tried again to reset Co trim after clicking view / COtrim. 

Had the window with value again at -81 and plus / minus  but when tried to alter had the same . By this time I had stopped the fan I had running and showed an engine temp of 75  degrees  . 

The window that pops up says :

A ctive diagnostics cannot be started  



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I got stuck here also last week.  Did you get the "Stop engine prompt" immediately after you select the CO trim from the menu? After fiddling around worked out had to cut the engine running with the kill switch (battery left on).  Those little +/- dicky birds then become active allowing the adjustment.

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Yes I did  , I shall try that again but ime sure I also just killed the switch and not at the key . Be a few days before I get the opportunity again though  . 

Thanks guys for your comments  it helps to share these problems for sure   



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Well  . I just couldn’t wait  busted out of work early and got on with it  

Success  . Just as estuaryguzz said. Now my CO trim is sitting at zero  . Can’t wait to go out for a blast  . Letting the traffic get over the rush hour then I’m outa here . Will report back on the results  . 👍



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Well.  What’s to be said . I have just had the best ride on my V11 since I bought it three years ago.  

Now armed with the knowledge you guys have passed on I feel totally confident in looking after the old girl for years to come. I am really chuffed. All that studying of the feeds on here has paid off. 

Docc if I ever have the pleasure of meeting you in the flesh , the beers are on me.  

Now where’s my keys I’m going out again !!! 

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