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andy york

fuel level

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6 minutes ago, JRD said:

I have been keeping track of my mileage and have been getting consistently 36-41mpg riding here in North Georgia Mountains. The inside of my exhaust cans looks pretty dark leading me to think I might be running on the rich side.  I usually top off the tank when I get around 120 miles showing on the trip meter and it takes around 3.7 gallons. The " low fuel light" has yet to come on.  I am very fortunate there are several stations in the area who sell non-Ethanol gas so that is all I have used for several years now trying to avoid a swollen tank problems.

If you are running Unleaded fuel you can forget about looking at the exhaust tips for mixture information. That grey colour you used to see was lead deposits and the black you see now is the carbon thats a byproduct of low speed running and the warm up rich fuel map even if the mixture is correct.


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Thanks for that info Phil, I'm so ingrained to think the inside of the exhaust should be the copper/penny brown after a good cruise down the highway that I start to worry when it turns dark or black.  Thanks again!



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