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Thread repair

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I've got 3 bolts in tappitt covers on my RM that the threads are stripping out. As these bolts are being taken out each time I do valve clearances I'm thinking a Time-sert thread repair is the way to go rather than helli coil as they are stronger. What size do I need?


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Hi MartyNZ

I won't have time this weekend so no panic. But many thanks for the offer

Time sert is not cheap. Best price I've got is $220 for kit. That's from Wurth with works discount. Rep trying to get me a better price (Fellow motorcyclist)

Will be worth it if I have to end up  replacing all 16 threads!

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7 hours ago, cash1000 said:

torque on these bolts wont be that much

10 Nm total with a little blue loctite is all you need, tighten them in progressive amounts equally in a more or less star pattern across the cover. 

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Seems the sump fasteners are the same M6x1.0 as the valve covers.  One of my fourteen pulled its threads out. :(

I have the correct "HeliCoil" ("Recoil ", made in Australia), but not the special "STI" tap to install them. Is that special tap a must?

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I'm THE authority on ruining things . Get the Heli-Coil and practice on some junk til you feel confident in what you're doing . It's easy . If a Simpleton like myself can do it , you can too !

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