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3mm wrench

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To see where the main battery ground goes. It's hidden under it. I'd serviced it back in SoCal during the Pleistocene, but had forgotten. :oldgit: Had a dead bike syndrome, and just *knew* it was the main ground. That wasn't it. No fone service in SW Wisconsin, so I couldn't look here, or download a schematic. I didn't even have a volt meter with me.. after all, the Mighty Scura is the most reliable motorcycle I've ever had. :huh2:

It was an interesting experience anyway. Got to meet some new people..

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Christ on a stick. I do not own a 3mm wrench. I did not think I would need one. I didn't even know they made wrenches that small. I certainly have a 7mm, and maybe a 6mm. But 3mm? Do you mean a 3mm Allen?


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2 hours ago, GuzziMoto said:

 Do you mean a 3mm Allen?

Yep, pretty sure: 3mm hex drive ("Allen key"). I keep one onboard for my TPS fasteners and a 2.5mm for the idle stop screw.

I have one those folding sets of hex keys, but they are often impossible to get into tight places.


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