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Startus interuptus revisited

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While I'm fooling with doing technical electrical work on the Mighty Scura, I thought I'd address this issue. It's 17 years old, now.. 

From looking at the schematic, it looks like I could just run a wire from Fuse F3 to the 30 post on the start relay and save yet another connection to the battery post. Is this a logical thing to do?


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Hmmm. w/o looking . If you can keep it tidy and use a larger gauge wire , I would give it a go .

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Is fuse 3 fed direct from the battery?

Is the 87A contact un-used? 

I don't see a Scura diagram among Carl's drawings.

Here is a similar year bike where you can't do that because the 87A contact feeds the headlight relay coil' it would flatten the battery.

With a small wiring change the headlight relay (22) coil could be fed from the ignition switch (jumper from 30 to 85) with the other end of the coil 86  to downstream of the main solenoid contact instead of to chassis so it turns off the lights while cranking or just leave the light On.

Look what a torturous path the Start relay 30 takes on this bike, an early sufferer, I would provide a new fuse direct from battery positive.

The main thing is to get as much current to the start relay as possible while making sure it won't crank with the key Off.

The Valeo Solenoid will pull over 40 Amps if its fed properly.


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