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Install a new Hella Reflector and LED bulb into a Black Bucket for fairing equipped V11’s

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I have a 2002 Scura w/ the black plastic headlight bucket and crappy stock headlight.This How To will show you how to install a superior Hella Glass H4 Reflector and LED bulb that will fit right into the bucket with no permanent modification ( aside from eliminating the city light, you can choose to keep it )


(1) VCm3 – 5.75 INCH LED HEADLIGHT FROM VINTAGE CAR LEDS  (You can choose from 3 different styles of glass reflectors, I went with the German Hella H4 and that's what this how to uses. Idk if the other 2 options would work )

(2) Stock Black Plastic Bucket used on V11's with Fairings

(3) Heat shrink tube, friction tape, phillips screw driver, allen wrench

(4) desire to see at night


Remove the Headlight assembly from the bike. Remove the headlight from the bucket. Pull the plug from the bucket.


Old stock Headlight. The center reflector cap broke and would not stay un-broke. 

Grab the glass lens and twist back and forth until it comes off the plastic reflector. You will not need the original glass lens. 


Keep the grey gasket ring and plastic reflector housing.


Remove the H4 to Bucket plug 


I chose to cut out and seal up the city light  leads. I used heat shrink and friction tape and then wrapped each end to the closest wire for a tidy set up.


Take the new reflector with the bulb that is already installed and place it into the old stock plastic reflector.



Make sure you line up the square mark on the new headlight with the screw insert on the old reflector to insure proper alignment.


I used friction tape to seal up the hole left by the removal of the city light. 


Take the grey gasket and lay it around the gap between the old and new reflectors


Now take the chrome trim ring and place it on the old reflector and snap it into place being careful to line up and gently press each snap tab, there are 4. You might hear a little crunch or other scary sound..just take your time and be firm yet gentle.

Chrome snap ring install demonstration




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Install the wiring back into the bucket


Take the new/old reflector and place it back into the bucket. Be careful screwing it together, these buckets fall apart around that area. I fixed mine with super glue.


Put it all back on the bike!


Gaze in wide eyed wonderment of LED-ness


Don't forget to aim the headlight after install. Low beam


High Beam


Can you spot the Alien craft? Look straight up towards the top of the picture...without this upgrade i would not have been able to notice those who walk among us....

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This new LED bulb is cutting edge tech. I forgot to mention that i removed and did not reinstall the dust boot. From VCLED.

This model uses our proven CSP LED chipset and is designed to fit in even the smallest confines. Using an innovative miniaturized LED driver, we’ve been able to eliminate the external heatsink and fit the entire assembly within the headlight housing without compromising the beam pattern or light output.


The VCm3000 is only 10mm longer than a standard halogen headlight!  and is IP67 waterproof rated. This means it is protected from dust, shock and capable of withstanding water immersion between 15 cm and 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. It also backed by a lifetime warranty.

some out-takes





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So awesome! Welldone!

I have their LED "bulb" to install in my early V11 Bosch steel bucket and glass lens. Not sure when I'll get to it, but the "H4 LED" looks very well built (compared to my LED unit with heat sink, fan, and driver).

Thanks, Mikko. :thumbsup:

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No problem!  Considering that this is a safety sensitive thing and these Guzzi factory headlight buckets and reflectors are built to work only with each other, i thought this is the best bang per buck upgrade you can make. I didn't know that the bucket and reflector was not a universal type that you would normally see on a car. When i ordered this stuff i had no idea it wasn't going to be a plug-n-play thing.

So imagine my disappointment when i took it all apart and found out that the new reflector wouldn't sit in the bucket properly. I studied it for while and then figured out that the new reflector will actually sit right inside the old one. I mean it's not a "perfect fit" but it works perfectly! Once you snap the chrome trim ring into place you can't tell this isn't a factory set up. The new reflector sits tight and secure inside the old reflector. Isn't that wild? using 20 year old factory parts with brand new tech and somehow it just fits together without having to do a bunch of crap to make it work.

That's why i took it all back apart tonight and documented how to do it because this has got to be the frikin "HOW TO" of the year! I'm very happy with just how through shear luck, this works... and it works well. You can see in the pictures that it puts out plenty of clean light. And the bulb has a lifetime warranty...

I hope anyone else who may have issues with their stock headlight will see this How To and enjoy a kick ass, painless upgrade! Plus i wanted to give back because this site has been very helpful to me in my rekindled love affair with the V11

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