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What's up with this listing?


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Seems we've seen this one come up before?

Definitely not a Nero Corsa, in spite of the tank and tail.

The engine and gearbox paint looks tight for an '02. Maybe not so much on the reardrive. Odd mirrors and no bar-end weights. White face Veglia mark it as pre-'03.

While the side covers say "V11 LeMans", the steel headlight mounted to the forks are more "V11 Sport." Missing chrome cap from the headset suggest it has been apart at the front end?

Can't really tell if the Corsa graphics have bubbled (yet).

The seller says "original owner" and "way too much to mention here" . . . so maybe there is something to learn  . . .

A rare, never-seen-before V11 Nero Sport? :ph34r:

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C'mon... We all know....🤣🤣🤣


Parts bin bike. Probably a wrecked 02 Sport with various bodywork. 

Dude, if he gets $4500 for that I'm selling my Lemans for $8000 with free info on beach front property in Tucson. 🤣🤣🤣

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1 hour ago, po18guy said:

Says title status clean. Hmmm. Was he ripped off by a bad dealer who swapped out the good stuff?

Also says, "Original Owner", no?  "Way too much to mention here."

I'll be betting on that last phrase . . .  :huh:

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