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Pete Roper V11 slosh trays now available!

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9 minutes ago, Vic said:

AF1 Racing has the right side for $198. The left side isn't as bad at only $83. Plus S/H. So for the pair around $300.

That’s only $85 less then the complete motobits controls...

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For what it's worth, I have about 20 plates left, and intend to keep them available forever. Pete Roper will always get license on any new production runs. Vic suggested that there may be other desi

I've PM'ed "Pressureangle" to inquire about the availability of these fine plates. I'll let you know if they still have them.

Most of you probably follow the Redux thread, but I wanted to move the pertinent info to the top where it's not buried 7 pages deep. Pete Roper licensed sloppage trays for V11 broad-sump motors, US

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My thought was to keep the design and material as affordable as possible. Magnesium would be very light, but maybe costly.

1/4 in cold rolled steel plate would be inexpensive, the left side  is simple only needing a small section milled down where it bolts to the pork chop ( to keep it from pivoting),

the right side also needs this milled section, plus a round bunt, welded,or brazed at the point where the brake lever attach bolt goes to beef this section up.

Steel is heavy,but these brackets are small enough that weight shouldn't be a big deal. To futher keep the cost down,they could be offered in the raw, since everyone has there own color preferences, let the buyer do the final painting/powder coating. My idea is to keep the cost within reason, so that more folks would be willing to try a different foot peg position with out breaking the bank. I don't see why two simple brackets need to cost $300.

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Right... I looked into what I thought would be a low buck upgrade and retro fit ml63 calipers on my 550. I found a set of four for super cheap. 

Then I go to the Mercedes online parts book to order the brackets and they are about $250 EACH. Needless to say I didn’t go for it. 

manufacturers love to gouge you on parts that are seldom bought. Brake caliper brackets are not a “service item” soooo you’ll pay up the wazoo. I suspect it’s the same formula with these...

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