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Tool Kit for Under the Seat

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Hello folks!

I would love to hear about:

What do you carry for an on the road tool kit, something that can live under the seat of the bike? My V11 did not come with one.

One tool that I do need to acquire is the wrench to adjust the rear mono shock spring pre-load (‘01 V11 Sport, with a white colored spring). Which rear shock wrench is best for this bike?

What is required and recommended to keep under the seat for road side and basic care? Any other essentials, spares, etc? 

Thank you!

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One of the folding multi-tools, often for bicycle use w/hex wrenches, can be very handy. A Co2 tire inflator is good. Maybe 10/12 and 13/14 open/box end wrenches. 4-in-1 screwdriver. Maybe a 6" Crescent wrench.  I'll have to dig my kit out and see what they put in there.

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Those little 1/4” ratchets are cheap, small + handy.  Need a 3/8” adapter and 8, 10, 11, 13, 17mm sockets.

adjustable spanner.

set of Allen keys.

 Ph#2 Screwdriver.


*spare bulbs, fuses and relays are essential*

cable ties + strong tape- just in case!

back-up charger for your phone! (If all else fails)

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All of the above, of course, along with all the "Better Take a Few of These, Too" items.  :luigi:

Seriously, over the years, I have noticed that I take fewer tools with each newer model than before.  For my EV, I was prepared to conduct "depot-level maintenance" at roadside! :whistle:  Happily, each succeeding addition to my moto-harem seems to require less roadside character-building.  The Griso, Stornello, and V7 III nada (so far).;)

Yet, as evidence of some sort of personality disorder -- that I worry might even be in the DSM, e.g. "Excessive Tool Compulsive Syndrome" (ECTS)! -- I often agonize over which tools to take for specific motos, and my list is always longer than necessary.

The other day, I saw this: http://www.rrrtoolsolutions.com/adventure-tools.php

Accordingly, as I also suffer IPCD (Impulse Purchase Compulsive Disorder) :wacko:, I bought one.

Now, instead of the literal hour I might spend before a ride collecting the right tools for that Guzzi, I just pack that kit.  

OK, not really.  I also gather a few other things as one can never really shake off ECTS!  Actually, that secondary list is small, e.g., some of those listed by others, above, and mini-multimeter, a few extra fuses, tire-repair kit for the tubeless models, cable ties -- seen the reusable ones?  https://www.walmart.com/c/kp/releasable-cable-ties  Worthy, IMO, for Nobel Peace Prize! -- and whatnot.  

Yes, the commercial kit is expensive. In fact, I would not have gotten it, but Kathi saw it and said "Just do it, Bill.  It's worth not having to listen to you fret about having the right tool every trip!"  Husbands in their right minds never, ever ignore that sort of encouragement, especially if it involves moto-expenses! :D

Now, does the little kit really have everything one needs?  Dunno, but it's close.  In fact, if anyone has read this far and sees any glaring Guzzi omission, please say so.

Enough.  Real life calls.  Best to all,




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I did my 10k on my 1100 Sporti with the factory tool kit (I assume it was actually correct to the bike) a 4" crescent wrench, the appropriate allen wrenches for the seat, rear axle, calipers, fairing and valve covers, the necessary socket for the front axle, an 11mm wrench for valve adjustment, a couple spare fuses and relays, and after my 4th tipover a spare spark plug and plug cap which should have been a no-brainer before I started out. 
I had ordered a tire repair kit with CO2 canister, but it didn't arrive before I left. I did in fact have a flat tire on the road up to Mt. Palomar- very lucky it was only a short walk to the ranger station and I had friends in Cupertino who drove over with a plug kit and tire pump. There was only enough cell service to get a text out, no calling a tow from there. 

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well, I carry tools in my tankbag.  Usually spares for headlights, relays, fuses, and tools.  Stop and Go plug kit  and Slime compressor.   The last two, I drop into tankbag to tankbag on bike to bike.

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