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S'xteenth South'n Spine Raid 2020

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Where's the social distancing? That BMW might pass on something quite nasty:) Ciao

Photographers posted along the "Dragon's Tail" route did a great job of catching all the bikes as they went by.  This is the first picture in over 50 years of riding of me actually underway on one of

About a week out and I see I started the Sport's shakedown three months ago and have ridden it over 2700 miles. About as ready as it can possibly be and  properly separated from the Waddington Effect

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8 hours ago, Randy said:

Not going to make it after all, my wife's sister passed away yesterday.

May she rest in peace, and may her loved ones be consoled in this time of sorrow.

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I counted eleven Guzzis, two BMW motorrad. And a Thunderbird  :grin:  . . .

(Not all in the same place at the same time).

As for SpineFrames, seven:  '97 1100 Sport-i, '00 RedFrame, '02 Tenni, '02 red/grey LeMans, Sctt2525's Ballabio, and a pair of red LeMans ('03/'04)

Condolences, Randy. Was very hoping to meet you. So many plans already for next year and Moto Guzzi's centesimo . . .

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9 hours ago, Randy said:

I like the visitors registry in the garage.

The garage is awesome~



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Sorry my cameo appearance was shorter than usual this year. I looked for you guys at the top of the mountain after the falls. Spent the back half of the day running from the rain.

Hoping next year things are back to "normal".

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3 hours ago, shaun said:

Hey I forgot all about this and rode the weekend before, in glorious weather, total miles 550

Kept looking for you and that gorgeous Rosso Mandello, Shaun! Don't miss next year!

"Weekend After Labor Day"

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Thanks Tom, what were you guys burning down?

Docc, you look younger than ever.   

Perhaps I can try to get there again next year?  

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