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15 minutes ago, LowRyter said:

Those bike looks too nice to turn into track day bikes.  Unless the goal is to have a nice street bike that is tracked upon occasion.  

For the former, I'd look at a salvage or auction bike.  For the later, it's a trade off between style, performance and cost that only the buyer can know.  I'd like to take my Ducati on a track day or two but like my Greenie, it's a street machine, not a track bike.

Exactly... get something that you won't mind destroying. It'll cost less and if you have a change of heart you can walk away.

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Yes thats me, my primary track bike is a GSXR1000 K7 (2007) I use that for Phillip Island and secondary Island bike is a Ducati 1198. My 2003 Ducati 1000DS at the small and tight Broardford track. The

Greg. Bet the brain is on high gear     and I woud think more fun with a $ 2000 SV 650, reving the H out of it. I know I woud hated to mess up that SD1000 upside down and. The goal, probably to s

Yes the DS is a nice bike and I've used it a few times at Phillip Island as well as the tighter Broardford. I've done a few mods to it as well. Its a nice ride and a favourite of mine although they ar


Bet the brain is on high gear  :rasta:   and I woud think more fun with a $ 2000 SV 650, reving the H out of it. I know I woud hated to mess up that SD1000 upside down and. The goal, probably to see how fast you can take a corner, and that involves some fall of's acording to some English wisdom.  Just my humble op.  Yes IPA time 

Cheers tom.

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Fun banter!

An ‘04 DS would be great, because even if track days become too hard to reliably make  (which has been the norm in my life.... I need something like a ski area season pass, where u show up when u can), it’s still a beautiful machine to have.   I doubt I’d ruin it, and if I did, another Ds can be had if needed.  Sounds slightly sacrilegious, but we know it’s true.

if i got serious with track riding, which is unlikely with my work schedule, I’d be more serious about an 848.😎.  Hopefully it doesn’t come to that :->

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This looks very nice. I have one of these single seat units in red brand new ( the original dual seat is still used)and a CF front cowl unpainted new as well plus a spare tank and second hand fairings in various colours. The plan was to have a spare set of bodywork in red as that was my favourite colour for them when I bought it in 2012 but as time has passes I actually like my yellow better. Too may red ones around I guess.



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