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*SOLD* - 2001 V11 Sport in GA for sale

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A strong running V11, selling because I got a nearly new Stelvio which I use all the time. The Sport sits there and should be used, it’s really a nice driver. I keep the nearly new battery conditioned and tires inflated and take it out once in a while.

All of the weak points with these models has been addressed, including the NHTSA recall, and the performance mods have been done. It’s Japanese reliable: add gas, turn the key and go.

The bike is currently in Atlanta GA, with GA title and registration (formerly it was registered and titled in CA). All extras are here in GA and go with the bike. I am NOT separating the bike from the extras, or the extras from the bike. Bike is currently configured with handlebars. CA emissions sticker is still on the bike, under the seat.

I can assist with shipping, but buyer is responsible. I have used Shipping Masters, including their title escrow service before, and can recommend them. Or you can fly and ride, and ship the extras using UPS or whatever.

3 weeks sitting, cold start video here: https://vimeo.com/406649103


2000BY / 2001MY 
Bought with 4.5k miles
Transmission recall done by Pro Italia, CA, documented
Currently 13.6k miles
Open-loop ECU (no Lambda)
Roper plate installed 
Front forks rebuilt with Racetech springs and gold emulators
Rear shock upgraded to Hyperpro 460 (290mm, +/-5mm)
Stucchi crossover
Mistral slip ons with DB killers (removable)
Re-map by Todd Eagan @ Guzzitech
MG Cycle manual petcock
Upgraded oil cooler mounts (steel)
Motiv Cycle Works transmission brace
New Dunlop Road Smart 3’s installed winter 2018, approx 1000 miles on them
“Lucky Phil’s” shifter mod installed (still have OEM)
“Scud’s re-engineered shift spring” (installed)
Upgraded relays and relay base, OMRON G8HE-1C7T-R-DC12
Casper Electronics breakout harness (to facilitate checking the TPS voltage)
Just replaced rocker cover gaskets
Just replaced the regulator with new Ducati Energia RR
Just replaced the angle drive for the speedo
Just replaced the battery (Odyssey 545)


2x Lower sump gaskets
Cortech tank bag
1 x extra “Scud’s re-engineered shift spring”
OEM clip-ons (clamps, bars, bar-end weights)
OEM shift linkage lever (Lucky Phil's now installed)
OEM foot pegs
OEM owners manual
OEM tool kit
4 liters Eni i-Ride 20-50w + new Hi-Flo filter
2 keys
Custom grease gun tip for greasing the upper u-joint without removing rear wheel

Oil last changed at 11k
Transmission fluid last changed at 11k (running Redline Heavy Shockproof)
Bevel drive last changed at 11k (running Redline Heavy Shockproof)
I have used Bell ethanol gas treatment since I have owned it.
Shop stand pictured not included but available for purchase















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4 hours ago, red lion said:

will you sell the OEM bikini fairing?  If yes for how much.   My email is       larrychiappellone@gmail.com

From the OP: "I am NOT separating the bike from the extras, or the extras from the bike."

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A buddy sent me the CL listing on this Sport a few days ago. I read through it and had to reply, "This V11 Sport totally checks out."

Then I realized it is JBBenson's.             So yeah,

"This V11 Sport totally checks out."

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Just saw this bike as I bought a rear rack.  Super clean red frame.  It's a great deal!  If I didn't have a red frame sport and black LeMans I'd be all over it.

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Not to be out of line with the seller I hope, but  I don't see it on this update but I know yesterday it was on flea bay for $4,750..Nice bike, nice guy.


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5 hours ago, fotoguzzi said:

I'd kind of like to buy that even tho it's not a greenie.. but I'd have to find a buyer for my Ducati first.



Just buy it its a really nice example. Worry about the finance later, you wont be sorry. Love the Ducati BTW.


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Yeah, I still have it. A few buyers were interested, but in a world-wide pandemic, motorcycles seem to be the first thing people hesitate buying. Go figure.:huh2:

$4750, includes the OEM clip-ons, triple clamp, bars and bar-end weights to bring it back to stock. If you don't want them, I can drop the price a bit. I also have some other parts I am willing to throw in to sweeten a deal, if there's interest. PM me. Buyer can even have the special grease gun tip I made, to get to that damn upper u-joint without taking off the rear wheel.

Yeah, the price is not a "steal", but I defy you to find a better value. All the main issues are taken care of. Don't worry, its a 20 year old Italian bike, you will still have things to tinker with....! My next project was to re-do the fuel lines under the tank, per Scud's method, I have the correct fuel line, the heat sleeve and the shrink wrap end pieces, buyer can have them. There's nothing wrong with what's there, I just like to upgrade things when possible. That's the kind of owner I am. 

I would really prefer to sell to someone who understands these machines. I would prefer letting her go to a good home. If you are a Ducati or Aprilia owner, but are curious about that other, mystical and legendary Italian marque, this is the bike you want for an introduction.

I would also be willing to throw a leg over this bike and ride to Los Angeles, (if my body would take it) that's how much faith I have in it. It has some small "love bites" on it, it's not spotless, but that’s because it's a driver, optimized for performance and reliability, not a garage queen. That's why I don't like it sitting there. Someone should be riding it, and riding it "con Passione"!

"A motorcycle is safe in the garage, but that's not what motorcycles were built for"



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Just for your consideration.  I've sold 2 bikes in the last 60 days.  So the good news is nice bikes, priced right, are selling.

The bad news is I had to price them to sell in a declining market and a pandemic virus.

My thought was even if the economy comes back, I'm not sure prices will recover much.

You are doing the right thing on Ebay by including a "Make an Offer" button.

You don't have to accept.  You can make a counter offer.

I thought about doing just that.  I'd love to do a "Fly and Ride" from Georgia to Arizona.

But I love my 1200 Sport and the 2 bikes are so similar.


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