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Original bars / mirrors from 2000 V11 Sport - SOLD

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Both removed following installation of Magni fairing (which comes with lower clip-ons / mirrors) shortly after purchasing bike and no longer required pending sale of bike. Bars include factory end-weights and original grips. Mirrors include locking nuts on stems - both in very good condition as had very little use.

Bars offered at US$100 ($133 CDN) / pair obo + shipping

Mirrors offered at US$75 ($100 CDN) / pair obo + shipping

Edit : Stock Marzocchi (40mm) forks on bike so top tube diameter = 54mm (from owners manual and clamps measure ~55mm open so think this correct)


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Clarification - am offering these pending sale of bike (as would allow removal of Magni - but why?) ... and return to naked config (as have also kept original headlight brackets) ...

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Offer on mirrors accepted - sale pending.

Mirrors now sold - bars still available (offer on-hand is less than asking $ ...)

Bars now sold

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  • Gio changed the title to Original bars / mirrors from 2000 V11 Sport - SOLD

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