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White-face Veglia in miles (and km!) ... SOLD

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Unknown provenance (picked up at a swap-meet in the UK a few years ago) and includes 60 degree angle drive and mounting stems, but missing trip re-set button. Just tested on running bike and seems to work ok (see pics) showing approx. 20 mph at idle in top gear (on '00 sport on stand). Face and glass in good condition and showing 19,576 miles. Did not test illumination.

Thinking $60 CDN (US$45) + shipping but open to offers (higher or lower) ...?

Edit - pic replaced (previous shaky one showing 20 mph)


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These are killer deals. Thanks for sharing all this kit with the community, Gio!

(No pics seemed to come up on this topic . . .  :huh2:  )

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Not a great pic ... bike not happy idling in top gear apparently (!) - but wanted to show as operational. I'll take another perhaps. Chuck and 4corsa - thanks and your offers duly noted.

Docc - thanks also ... this has been a valuable community over the years and so would like to find homes for the various bits and pieces that will no longer be needed once the bike is sold (will be a sad day for sure) ... so just trying to offer at what I think are fair prices for fellow enthusiasts - better that than collecting dust in boxes.

Having said that (and as I recently learned from sale of the flyscreen) - what happens if asking price turns out to be too low? Short of holding an e-bay like auction, my thinking is obo should apply either way and then sale concluded accordingly. Of course in the case of equivalent offers then I would note order in which they were received. I do like to sleep with clear conscience!


PS - in the case of the flyscreen I received more than one offer at suggested price, then accepted a higher offer (non-forum) - and was then obliged to turn down an even higher offer from one of the earlier replies ... alas.

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