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A few q's regarding a 03 Rosso Corsa

joe camarda

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I just returned from a look at a 03 Rosso Corsa which I'm thinking of buying. Can anyone answer a few questions for me... please?

1. Should there be a badge somewhere on the bike showing the special edition number?

2. The Rosso I looked at had MG Ti exhaust canisters and ECU. Did these items come stock on the Rosso, or are these upgrades?


TIA for any information.

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There is no special edition badge, it is not a special or limited edition bike.

It should have standard exhaust and standard ecu labelled Le Mans.

It should have Ohlins suspension front and rear. The steering damper is not Ohlins.  The side panels should say Le Mans.

Good bike, most problems had been sorted by then.




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+1 on 68C's reply. I did not know the steering damper was not Öhlins. :huh2:

Biggest drawback to the Rosso (and probably the Nero) Corsa is way complications from ethanol fuels push up the checkered flag graphics on the tank.

And, Joe, too cool to see you back and trying to find another V11! "June 2002" forum join date, buddy! :thumbsup:

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