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Covid-19 - Paul (Daytona) is infected


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Paul (Daytona) is  infected,

this was just posted in the German Guzzi Forum by his daughter and by his spouse:



As you are both very good friends of my father, I wanted to inform you about his current health situation. Since last Tuesday, Paul is recovering from Corona and an associated double lung infection on the intensive care. He has been stable ever since and is making slow progress. He is able to breath with minimal support by a ventilator and is now only in a shallow sleep instead of a deep coma. All in all, times are nerve wrecking for us as a family and we can only pray for a good ending to this nightmare. I'm sorry we haven't informed you and other friends earlier on. It would be of great help if you could pass on this information to other friends in Paul's community.

Get well soon Paul!

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Get well Paul.  I think Germany is one of the best places in the world for medical care right now.

For the rest of us, watch out stay healthy. Wash your hands, keep your distance.

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Yes I've bought quite a few Dayton engine parts from Paul and was about to ask him for any EFI mapping files and info for the V11/Daytona project. Always helpful and willing to share. Hopefully he recovers ok from this horrid disease along with others affected.  

The nicest part of the motorcycling community for me has always been the terrific people it brings you together with. The riding and wrenching are just the side benefits.


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The absolute best part of this sobering news is that Paul is getting better!

What a relief!

Best wishes for Paul’s 100% complete recovery with no lingering lung damage or diminishment to Paul’s future quality of life.


This is an incredibly bizarre phenomena with such unusual symptoms.

The inclination of this Dr is that is more akin to high altitude lack of oxygen than viral pneumonia.

Take care.


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