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Throttle stumble at small throttle opening

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Air leaking at / from the throttle shafts is irrelevant to anything . This air introduction into the intake runner is the same as adjusting the idle air screw(s) .  The only time something like this matters is , if a MAF and or an O2 sensor is involved . 

 This is the most basic form of fuel injection I have ever seen with no MAP sensor , no 02 sensor , the way this system transitions from open to closed loop , the lack of a vacuum hose on the fuel pressure regulator , MANY things . This could have had everything incorporated and a BADASS system !






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Got it It was a balance problem Twinmaxx, Techmate,  or electronic balancers are shit, Got Carbmate or tune and it showed they were out. Dont waste your money on electronic buy ananalog they  are much more accurate in my opinion. Running like a scalded dog. 

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