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Look what I found lying about looking sorry for itself.

pete roper

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@Admin Jaap Dunno if this helps your understanding of what's on the bike, just for info right now, I'm hoping my painter pulls through with the goods for Pete

This pic was taken before I decided to throw the thing (& me) into a brick wall which "redesigned" the fairing somewhat & I never bothered putting the logo back onto the fairing


Fairing is the same logo without the motorcycle, tanks as posted, sidepanel enlarged M with motorcycle, the rear I've no clue

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Oh Gawd this is turning into a Magni thread

3 hours ago, nobleswood said:


I still think that's a beautiful bike.

Tell us about the front brake calipers again.


Hi Tim How are you?

The clutch lever, brake master, discs calipers and discs are all ISR items. Small Swedish company the owner Acki is simply brilliant to deal with. Its not cheap kit and no self respecting Guzzi owner would ever consider buying his offerings.


Specifically on the calipers they are 6 pots with Brembo centers so they just bolted straight onto the exisitng mounts until I went to the larger discs


I originally had Magni discs on it but they weren't floaters and they warped in a couple of years, despite little use. Looked at a few options including Speiglers, but got Acki to make custom mounts. I had reservations but was very pleased with the result and they were marginally cheaper than the Speiglers. When doing this the cost of going up to 320 (I think) discs were marginal in comparison to the price of the discs so I did that too, then got my local machine shop to make the mounts for the calipers to move them back.

The M-Unit, used as part of the rewire, has the option for all pushbutton swtichgear so I added the pushbutton clamps for the lever mounts. I know a lot of people hate the pushbutton gear but it works well enough for me


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3 hours ago, Lucky Phil said:

This one looks nice. Not sure about the mufflers but apart from that looks quite cool.



That's a Sfida 1000 4V, HiCam engine (as you well know) not sure but is that a flyscreen on the front I can't make it out? Anyway the fairing has been removed, the wheels painted/powder coated red and different cans. I'm with you on the cans, either cylindrical or even better Magni's V11 exhausts would have been so much nicer. Rare beasts!!

The battery has been relocated under the tank. I think I asked JJ about it when a picture was posted on WG and he knew the owner. I couldn't understand how on earth he kept the standard airbox and relocated the battery, it's a very neat install using a LiFe battery.

Did something similar with my Sfida 1100, same frame & bodywork, but Sporti engined. Of course I was nowhere as talented as that guy, I used the pods that were on mine when I got it, but stuck a much bigger LiFe under the tank as well.

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Tried to download the fie @Admin Jaap

I'm pretty new here so it's probably me, but it stated file unavailable

Either way thank you for going to the trouble, wish I'd had them when I put new gauges onto the 1100, the clocks would have been awesome with those logos

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