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Speed Cams in Germany

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Saw this today: https://advrider.com/germany-bans-gps-speed-camera-alerts/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=editorial&utm_content=06_05_2020

Curious to hear what our Germans on this forum -- and FTM, of course, other Euros -- think of this.


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Does not need any deep thought this one, they do not want want folk speeding along and only slowing down at the speed cameras.  They want us to obey the speed limits, either because we agree it is the right thing to do or because we are scared of being caught in 'unknown '  speed traps.

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We have a tradition of "flashing lights" to oncoming traffic when sighting a speed trap.  I remember years ago that the Highway Patrol (Texas?) was ticketing the flashers.   How could that be wrong when they're only alerting traffic of road hazards ahead and reminding folks not to speed but to follow the law?

I still flash.  

It would be interesting to see what a lawyer might say about that, particularly with prosecutorial experience.   :whistle:

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It's largely simple revenue raising under the guise of safety. We had a government policy here of cameras are only located at know dangerous locations. So then they opened a brand new 20klm stretch of freeway and put 2 sets of speed cameras 3 klms apart on a section with no obvious issues. Questions were asked about how they knew the locations were a safety issue on a brand new road that hadn't been used yet and if they were unsafe why bulild it that way? defening silence from the authorities.

In the state of NSW all fixed and mobile cameras are required by law be signposted well before the camera. This includes mobile cameras used by police and contractors. They put a small mobile sign on the side of the road well before their location. Fixed cameras have a large permanent sign preceding. This is exactly right and supports the safety first approach. If you get caught by a camera in NSW you deserve it. Other states aren't so genuine. 

It's also pointless introducing the law as Germany is doing as you wont be able to practically police it.


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Gotta give the LEO's -- or tax agents, if one prefers ;) -- points for style and technical merit for that garbage-cart-become-speed-cam.  :notworthy:


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2 hours ago, Admin Jaap said:

Most speed cameras here are hidden, even camouflaged. No warnings whatsoever. So you shouldn't be complaing :rolleyes:


You guys must be waaaaay to law abiding, something like that in the UK would either get stolen or spray painted over in a matter of hours

There's a very good reason all the cameras are mounted on posts or are difficult to get at, even then it still doesn't stop some of them getting vandilised from time to time.

Average speed cameras are probably the way most places will go where practical, unfortunately very effective unless the monitered detection length is known and if they have a few up it becomes just about impossible.

Situation will only get worse as the prices of cameras comes down

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In this vicinity, there are more "speed trailers" being set-up to inform the posted limit and your speed in order to limit face-to-face traffic stops. Our state agency has even been instructed to "park prominently as a deterrent, but avoid stops."

Last weekend, a warning trailer even wagged blue lights at me. Passing another later in the day (in another jurisdiction) I found a gray, unmarked pursuit vehicle just over the hill ready to say, "We told you so."

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