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V11 Custom Builds

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15 hours ago, Lucky Phil said:

 You can't realistically use more than 100 rear well horsepower on a road bike and I'd trade every horsepower over 100 for 1kg less in weight. 

Yep, yep, yep ...     :thumbsup:

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If you want the perfect synergy of style and function(as a spots bike) here it is. I've owned 3 of these over the years, 2 750's and a 1000 all new. This image is identical to my 1000 which had the sa

The organ-piped Agusta's are a thing of beauty. While not in a living room, this ticks the same boxes for me: Although the Italians can be pesky at times....

Yeah, I could murder out my Greenie with flat black paint...............maybe I could wrap the exhaust with asbestos tape too.    Might put knobbies on it. Then I'd lower to the ground.   Man, wo

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4 hours ago, docc said:

I must agree with having some disregard for the  "donor bike" mash-ups being called "customs" these days for the sake of showing off someone's design and fabrication ideas. Especially when the donor was something I admire (read: V11). :glare:

Yet, in an effort to steer Kane's original topic back from our (interesting) detour(s), here is, bar-none, my favourite V11 Custom built, and ridden, by our treasured member @knumbnutz :

Moto Guzzi V11 Sport Cafe Racer and Ducati St2


I like the Guzzi with the exception of the tail and seat. A bridge too far for my tastes. The exhaust looks very nice on that style of bike as well. I'd be tempted to get his exhaust guy to make some mufflers for mine based on those but modified somewhat to suit the V11 lines a little better if I lived in Brisbane.


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I found knumbnutz' build thread, one I really enjoyed. I have also been looking for an image posted by another Australian member of an interesting V11 custom similar to this one, but cannot find it. Any ideas?


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Thanks Docc.

This is now my fav pic of the bike. As always there is a little evolution with a build and some changes on things that didnt quite work as intended.

The seat was one of those things. originally I told my seat guy, I wanted to cover the seat shape I had created with some nice leather. I had used a foam which he said was not up to it, so i said replace it and use good foam and make the shape back with the new foam. Well it was totally different shape and the leather colour didnt quite work. About a year ago I redid the seat using another seat guy and I think it works better now in comfort and looks. I've changed a number of bits now and its almost finished :D

Essentially though I just wanted to show off and accentuate the motor and tank and shorten the tail. I actually like the original tail a lot, probably my fav looking cafe tail but its big and too big for what i wanted.


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