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MASS moto exhaust custom made,thoughts?

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On 7/1/2020 at 7:12 AM, Tomchri said:

Sorry, still curious ,bad innlish, meant looking inside with some fancy equipment, or feeling with a steel wire or something for the opening's in the crossover- xover ?

 Cheers tom.





Maybe I can have a look inside with my Boroscope if I get the time.


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I had an 1100 sport ie with a Staintune exhaust that I really liked.Apart from being very well built and had a nice deep sound it was really good torque and throttle response from 3000-6500 rpm.

Yes it's a proper cross over chuck, somewhat like the Stucchi but the full version where the two pipes "kiss" at the curve with a connection formed between. What creates the pulse is the sharp change

It looks like a great system, I'm looking forward to pictures of it installed.  A comment on pipe size: as exhaust gasses travel out, three changes happen. 1.The pulses smooth out slightly as

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On 6/30/2020 at 12:51 AM, Tomchri said:

Curoius,,   has it been an inspection inside the crossover - xover ,, whats happening there  :rasta:

Cheers tom.

I have looked as far into the pipes I could to see what's in there on all the middle parts (x sections/xovers/x pipes)I've gotten,so I'm curious about that too.I only have the Stucchi and this MASS x pipe part that I can take pictures of.The Stucchi you could guess that the weld is as wide as it is deep so  maybe a little bit smaller than the welded part then.

On the MASS part the hole is as big as the pipe ,but on the Stucchi it's not as high as the pipe itself but longer.


Stucchi from above.jpg

stucchi from front.jpg

MASS from front.jpg

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