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Lucky Phil

Guzzi/Aprilia engines by Piaggio

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Sadly, Piaggio/MG heard the "Italian Harley" reference and took it to heart. Why not hire Erik Buell for some quick chassis R&D? I heard he's available... :rolleyes:  Would not be the first Yank they have leaned on.

Regarding Piaggio, it seems that some of their scooter mindset has crept in.

Did Honda dispose of all the tooling for the Honda CX650? That seems to have been a better, more advanced and emissions friendly design (in 1983) than the current small-blocks are. Harley has had to cave on liquid cooling (if the roof has not caved in, that is) and I suppose that a "Water Guzzi" is in the future.  Pondering this, the V11 is essentially an air-cooled slice off a 1965 Chrysler hemi. Hard to meet Euro 3,4 or 5 emissions with a somewhat refined 1930s radial aircraft engine combustion chamber. Band Aids on the intake and exhaust (F.I. and Catalyst) are only crutching for the antiquated engine itself. Speaking of which, were they separated at birth?

                                                  Guzzi V11                                                                                                           Chrysler 426 "Elephant" hemi



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