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Over run warning light.

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Hi Gentlefolk,

Had a few comments whilst out riding with mates on brake-less retardation caused on over run on the V11 (engine braking).

I just wondered if any of you peoples have dabbled with brake lamp switches trigged by a closed throttle?

Also wondering if it is legal in the UK. <_<



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That seems like it would not be legal.

My Chevy Bolt electric car actually uses re-gen when slowing down and it will trigger the brake lights when doing so. But triggering the brake lights without hitting the brakes seems like it would be illegal. Also, what about every time you shift?

Maybe you could install a secondary "brake light" that was G-force activated, when it senses the vehicle slowing down by G force it turns on.

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7 hours ago, bbolesaz said:

There's an acceleration based aux brake light flasher that does just that.  Can't remember the name right now.

I think that would have been the Voevodsky Cyberlight(?)

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Just ride faster, if anybody around ,,, they WILL see your brake light when you need to use it :rasta:

Cheers tom.

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