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I have Centauro parts

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1997 Centauro not perfect cosmetically but mechanical parts all look pretty good. 37k

not giving parts away but will have fair pricing, a few parts spoken for but what do you need? This bike was not crashed, it was taken apart to address the oil pump issue and then the PO lost interest. I can shoot pics.

assume this is a stock EPROM chip?



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I have been wanting to lower the foot pegs on my V11 sport, and thought that the Centauro pegs/ levers might be a good option. 

So I'd be interested in the foot pegs,the foot brake lever,and the shift lever,plus the linkage.

Thank you for your consideration. 

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Thanks for that pic antman.. I'll be checking over your list this week.

Vic, I will look thru my stuff and see what I have for you.. are they different from the V11.. I just glanced at the levers and thought they looked the same.

ill get into the garage again this week. 

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Thanks for checking,I  think that the "pork chop"section of the frames are the same. The Centauro has a bracket on both sides that drops the pegs down and forward.

The brake and shift levers are longer to match this positioning. 

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