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WP Rear Shock.jpg

I'm looking to improve the rear shock on my bike. It has a well worn Sachs-Boge unit.

I may be able to get an old 1100 Sport i White Power unit (pictured) that has never been used. It was removed from a new bike in 1998. It is the same length so it looks like it could fit.

Is it any better than the Sachs-Boge unit?

It looks good, but the rubber bump stop is cracked. Does this mean that the internal seals are also due for replacement?

Are WP units rebuildable?

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The best alternative out there is Wilbers in my opinion

There is no correlation between rubber bump stop cracking and the inner seals being degraded. One is exposed to the atmosphere and one isn't.

Yes they are rebuild-able. Some dis assembly is required to replace the cracked bump stop. If its just surface cracking then it will probably be ok.


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