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G'day Folks

I'm toying with the idea of buying a tank bag.

I've been using a kreiga back pack for years now and bloody good it is!

However I've discovered that when doing a 2 or 3 day ride the ole backside starts to get BLOODY SORE towards the end of each day. Now I know that a fair bit of this is the stock seat and I use an Air Hawk as well, but I reckon a good part of it is the added weight in the pack putting a bit  more pressure on the ole freckle.

I did a search and found apart from the Guzzi bag which people don't seem to like and a Cortech which is not available here in Oz not much info.

Has anyone used or have any experience with Oxford bags?

I like the look of the 30litre strap mount as don't like the gas cap mount jobbies and of course magnetic is out.Also the bloody foam pad on our beasties might make things interesting?

Still I reckon you could get round the pad issue?

Any thoughts?

The minister of finance will not take kindly to the extravagance of buying  one then another until finding one that works out eh!

Cheers Guzzler


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The stock bag is just "ok" but I still use mine. I'm on my second one because the zipper broke on the first. It's fairly handy. The tank pad/protector that comes with it is outstanding. I have used on occasion an older tour-tech strap on bag over the MG tank pad. The MG bag tank pad is substantial enough as a base to even things out for the tank chin pad AND provide side shimming to hold up any other bag you might use.... considering being limited to a bag with neck-to- seat length strap mounts, it is quite a distance to cover and maintain stability.

I don't know which Kieiga you have but check the possibilities of strapping it to the tank. We don't have many options available so ..once again... Guzzi has provided 'creativity' as a possible answer.

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I don't know if you have them down under, but I run a Baglus tank cover and tank bag system. Absolutely secure and waterproof "enough" for mid to southern €pe. Not as waterproof as your Kreiga. I use a US40 Kreiga so know how excellent that are.

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Baglux seems to be very similar to Bagster. I have been very happy with my Bagster tank cover and tank bag that you clip on the cover.  

I have also used the Tekno semi-rigid panniers (

 but found the (dis)mounting of the racks quite cumbersome (and it looks VERY ugly without panniers). Another alternative: a Stucci luggage rack


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Thanks for the info fellas!

I've not seen the Bagster/Baglus system here in Oz I must say.

However not really a fan of this type either due to a  messy experience with tank covers back in the seventies!

Dare say this set-up is probably light years away from that though.

Still I couldn't bring myself to cover up all of that beautiful green tank eh! 

I have the 30 litre Kreiga backpack and yep it is very very good, waterproof as well.I've ridden in some pretty ordinary weather and it's contents are always bone dry.

I can't see how it could be used as a tank bag though.

Funny my bike came with the Techno pannier system as well but I removed the frame and never used them.I also didn't like the look ha ha.

Which brings me back to the Oxford bag.They do look pretty good and we have a new importer here in Oz so are available now.

Footgoose, it seems like you didn't have any  fitment issues with the Oxford bag yeah?

It would only be used now and again when doing  the aforementioned 2 / 3 day trips whilst the Kreiga will still be used day to day and probably to keep stuff dry on the trips.Albeit somewhat lighter.

Thanks again




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  • 3 weeks later...

G'day again Folk's.

Sorry for carping on  about this but  stage 3 Covid means work suspended ( it's in metro melb ) for 6 weeks and I'm stuck at home.

Not as bad as Metropolitan Melbourne and some environs on stage 4 though, as it looks like I can escape for a ride now and again! If the weather brightens up.I'm in the country.

Anyways I finally got an answer from the Oz distributor as to the dimensions of the Oxford 30 litre strap on bag.Not so simple as just fronting up and trying on for size these days Eh!

It appears to be 38cm long by 32cm wide by 25 high.This may be a bit wide at the front for our odd  shaped ( but beautiful ) V11 tanks as they taper in at the front.

The Guzzi bag accommodates our tanks by tapering at the front to fit the tank but these are unobtainable so I'm wondering if the Oxford bag could be made to work?

Any thoughts from anyone who has tried the Oxford bag on our bikes or at least a bag of similar proportions ( ie approx. 28-32 cm wide at front of bag ).

I have also sussed out the Kreiga 20 litre tail bag ( 40cm L x 26 w x 19 h ) which could possibly work but works out approx. $320 Oz( bag + tank converter ) for 20L + delivery as compared to

$240 delivered to my door for the Oxford which can handle 30 Litres.

Being a typical Guzzi nut the $ plays a part.Well it does to the minister.I also like the look of the Oxford bag so hoping it could work out.

Once again I appreciate any of your thoughts.

Cheers Guzzler


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This one is 16 in long and 12 in wide.   You can measure the mounting web on your gas tank. 

Hope this helps.

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Wow, thanks LowRyter , 16 inches long x 12 inches wide at the back.

In metric that would make it 36cm x 30cm which means the Oxford bag  will work at the back!

Just the front of it at 32cm wide which could be the problem, although I think this measurement includes the side pockets and the base is slightly narrower ?

Mate, any chance you could advise the  width  of your Guzzi bag at the front where it tapers in?

Sorry to be a pain.

Cheers Guzzler

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