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Scura build


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7 hours ago, Mikko said:

More stuff! Here is all the stuff I bought from Joe Caruso in the U.K.






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I like the QD exhaust, but I think I will go with the Tubi mufflers I picked up awhile ago. I received my crossover from Agostini Mandello. That was the fastest shipment I've ever had from Europe. Since Mother nature is conspiring to ruin my ability to enjoy a ride today, here are some unboxing pics.






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Big thank you for @cycles4fun He supplied me with a Jefferies MyECU to replace the stock one. I decided to stick with Fuel Injection as I don't ride my bike as often as I would like. Carbs can develop problems from sitting for long periods of time. Plus, with this new ECU, I can have a perfect tune and map made for my unique engine. Dynotec uses a proprietary ecu if I am not mistaken, so I think it makes sense to have my own ecu and I can develop the maps here.

Ordered all the bits and pieces for fitting the MGS-01 Rear Wheel. Also ordered the complete MGS-01 triple tree and parts. Weird how some things are still available. The Front end is just about finished. Going to go with Sicom Dual Matrix Carbon Ceramic  T-Drive custom front and rear brake rotor's.


And Brembo GP4-MS Forged Monobloc Aluminum Calipers


That should complete the hard parts for the front end. Definitely the pinnacle of the current era. This will all tie in nicely for my vision of the front end. I'm leaning towards a red candy for paint, like how this Pagani is "painted"


Have the wheels Cerakote white for that Daytona vibe. Hmmmm.......

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I’m doing some research on reverse engineering and 2d/3d cad files to have some pieces made in magnesium alloy.

Lo and behold what do I stumble upon?


A pair of factory magnesium valve covers from a Raceco bike. One needs some TLC.... I’m pretty sure I can get that addressed.  

That will save on the R&D as now I’ll just go with the frame plates. I’m going to have them tweaked a bit. Like replicating the the plates from the Daytona as seen here. Specifically having the hole and recessed areas between the bolts. Always thought that was a very purposeful look. 


The guy who has the covers also had a complete set of heads and Raceco cams. Not that I needed them, but it’s good to have a spare set as they are getting quite scarce.


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This is way beyond a Scura build. This is a custom bike. Can't wait to see how it all comes together.

Does the MGS triple-tree fit the V11 Spine frame without modification?

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Probably not... I asked Joe (guzzi dr) about that and he said not to worry.  He’s very laid back and immensely talented... nothing I’ve talked about with him concerning my plans so much as raised an eyebrow. He basically said “bring everything you have and I’ll take care of it”

I am trying to utilize as many factory parts as I can. A few things are aftermarket. As much as I dislike Chicago, going there to see Joe is worth it.                        

The front end kinda evolved on its own. I needed a set of forks to be used as a template and I bought the same Ohlins as used on the 01. Then the wheels, I thought well, why not do the whole front end? I have the carbon fender too...

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Uh, yeah. Joe is talented all right..:grin: Dorcia and I hung out with him in the pits of the Cannonball run one day. He explained all he did to make the bike reliable. When riders were coming in from the day's run, pit crews were scurrying around fixing this and that. When Joe's rider came in, he said, "Everything ok?" "Yeah." "Have another beer, Chuck..:thumbsup:

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He’s really nice too. Looks almost like my uncle. Usually big city folk rub me the wrong way, he’s nothing like that at all.

We all are getting there in this thing called life, he’s 68? Or soon to be.. guys like him are few and far between. It means a lot to me that he’s doing this. I wish I had another ass to bust! Need moar stuff.....

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Okay!!! NOW I have everything. I just ordered a couple liner feet of Teknofibra 4mm flexible thermal barrier. I am going to line the underside of the fuel tank with it and eventually the carbon fiber full fairing.

Ive never used this stuff so it’ll be interesting to see how well it conforms to the tank. Doing everything I can think of to prevent any problems with it. Sealed, wrapped in Carbon and now insulated along with metal fittings for the pump and quick disconnects. 

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Just a heads up on those earlier 'Pork Chops'/side plates. They changed the design for more than just cosmetic reasons. The early ones are much, much more prone to cracking, even a bad drop at a standstill can do damage that may not be immediately visible but severely weakens them. It's worth doing a penetrant die test before fitting to check their integrity.

Remember, it's those plates that hold the swingarm on. If one breaks the other one will too and the back of the bike falls off!

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I am having the v11 plates drawn up in 2D/3D CAD files. I wanted to incorporate the “Daytona” style pockets and the hole. 

Also, these new plates will be made from a high tensile magnesium alloy. I just paid for the plates to be scanned and they will be sent off tomorrow. 

 Zverse is the company that will do the scanning. I am designing this bike with several very neat features and keeping a overall theme. Blowing $600 to get some drawings of frame plates isn’t what I would consider a “value” proposition.

The Daytona plate does not have the tang at the top like the v11. It’s also a little different in dimension to account for the wider tire. 

The back of a v11 plate:18109-E7-C-7-EA3-4476-9-C1-E-663-DC2-D93

The recess around the bolt holes are there anyway. Depending on the type of material used, I don’t think opening up some of these areas, even slightly should be cause for concern as you’ll be starting out with a much stronger metal.

We as Guzzi people don’t have much of aftermarket. NCR etc you can melt your credit card into goo. Aside from a scant few pieces here and there, it’s a ghost town. So if you want something exotic, you’ll need to do it yourself. 

My design theme has exotic in the front and the back. That seem like sound thinking? 


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