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Scura on the Salt River Canyon Loop

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Took the Scura out for a ride around what Zonies call the Salt River Canyon (SRC) Loop.  Ultimate social distancing. Just over 300 miles worth.
From my home in Mesa, AZ to Globe, across the Salt River Canyon, Show Low, along the rim to Payson and back down into the desert and home.  
Lots of traffic in the Payson area. In these days of C19, lots of folks going camping for weekend fun.
Caught a few monsoon sprinkles along the rim.
I would say that the Guzzi purred like a kitten, but that big twin sound is much more like a flatulent Italian grandpa who ate too much spicy Italian sausage.






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:thumbsup: Too. BTDT. Dorcia's kid, Jim, went to school in Tempe. I/we explored all over. Nice place to visit.. in February. :helmet:

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That's a nice fun loop, always enjoyed stopping in Tortilla flat and then heading for Roosevelt lake...quite scenic!  Nice to see the Scura getting exercised properly!

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