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Rear brake actuating rod -- Master cylinder

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Apologies for a newbie question -- I removed the rear brake pedal and the brake actuating rod came free of the master cylinder. Please tell me what's involved in reinserting it. Do I need new seals? Rebuild kit?  


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Clean and lube the end of the rod and maybe Armorall the boot. Slip it back in and you are good to go. When adjusting the pedal, make certain that there is just the tiniest bit of slack in the system (pedal-rod-master cylinder cup). If there is no slack, you might be partially activating the rear brake. If you have a stand, you can check the free wheeling of the rear wheel once all is back in place.

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You are very welcome. Had to do exactly this when I swapped the footpegs out on my V11. There have been reports of heavy rear brake drag after removing and re-installing that rod and the lever. Just a bit of wiggle room in the rod and you will be golden. Still, after a ride, you might check the rear wheel for free rotation (well, as much as that term applies) as well as the disc for temperature. If you are a regular user of the rear brake, understand that it will be warm. If it is too hot to touch, recheck the linkage for some free play, and consider that the caliper pistons could also he dragging. If so, a caliper rebuild is the solution to that - but one thing at a time.

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