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Love the sound of v8’s reverberating inside mountains? Me too!!

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Well I’m out here in Pennsylvania on a wild goose chase. Apparently there is an older gentleman with a MV Agusta 750 that’s been sitting in a barn (mhmm hmm) 

If this is what I’m told it is, then let’s hope the engine is good. The MV i spent too much money on has a busted cam tower. Funny how the pictures showed a intact cam tower 

Anyway I’m out here and thought y’all would like to enjoy some sounds.. 


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Years ago I was a motorcycle courier in DC. They have a number of mini tunnels, where one road might go under a traffic circle or under the mall for a couple blocks. It was common to clutch it and rev your engine under there. One of the other guys timed his so that he clutched it, rev'ed the engine on his FZ750, and keyed the mic on his radio. So everyone else heard this loud rev'ing noise over the radio. I thought it was hysterical, but the management was not amused.

Long after, it is still hard to resist a few blips of throttle when going through tunnels. But usually I clutch it and blip the throttle so there is no change of speed.

Good luck with the MV. Is it an original MV or one of the new MV's. I enjoy the original ones, used to race twins with AHRMA and seeing the old MVs that Team Obsolete would bring out was great fun. Sharing the track with them was awesome, but seriously loud.

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A few years ago, I was riding the Mighty Scura through the "snake" on Mulholland in SoCal. I pulled in to the overlook on the top, and a guy came over to me. He said, "I'm pretty good at telling what is coming from the sound. I would have sworn that was a V8." :grin: While we were shooting the breeze, he called out the next three correctly..

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Yeah, since the Guzzi engine runs twice as fast as typical V8 (4k+ rpm), it does sound like a V8.

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It was missing some parts and the whole vibe was wrong. Guy wanted “restored” money and it was not in running condition.

It was a nice ride.... but ultimately a waste of my time and money.

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The 90º V is in essence a two-cylinder slice off of a V8 and so has a similar sound. I/ suppose that one could think of a V8 as four V-twins firing 90º apart from each other. The 270º interval between firing impulses is the same: Guzzi, Ducati, Aprilia Shiver/Mana, Suzuki TL-R/SV, Honda RC51, and any paired cylinders of a 90º V8 which share a crankpin. Of note here is that Ferrari and other "flat-crank" V8s sound rather like a four cylinder, as they are essentially two four cylinder engines connected at the crank - i.e. on either bank, they have two up and two down pistons in the traditional inline 4 fashion. The Yamaha TRX850 and now the RE 650, Aprilia 660 and a few others have cross plane 270º cranks, so their exhausts sound just like Guzzi, Ducati, etc. An exception in the inline 4 world is the cross plane YZF-R1 which sounds more V8-like.

An interesting development in the Guzzi V8 is that the early version had the normal V8 cross plane crank and at least one of the final versions had a flat crank.

Some have opined that our love of the "V" sound comes from the "firing interval" of the two chambers of the human heart. Might be something very primal in that. I do know that one is experiencing a cardiac event if the heart goes potato potato potato...

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