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Fuel Quick disconnect option?

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When my bike had a leaky petcock, it was replaced with a generic spout (no turn off valve).  At the time, I could only find OEM type replacements for $75 and didn't have one when I needed it.  So since then, I just left well enough alone.

I did order some cheap outboard motor type quick-disconnects from Ebay.  They are about 3 inches long so there could be mounting issues  if I ever get around to it.  (I have a special heat resistant fuel line that I ordered here with fitted ends.)   In the meantime, I've got a cork that's looks like it will fit the existing spout.  The ones you linked to look the same as the ones I have in my bins.   I don't recall what the line diameter is but it fits the old gas line that I replaced.

Let us know how it comes out.  My guess is that you'll beat me to it.  I am not going to attempt it until I need to remove the tank again. 

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I have managed to order these at https://www.schellen-shop.de/ for my Aprilia Caponord.

Do not forget these normally come with NBR o-rings, which does not do well with (modern partly-ethanol) fuels. They sell replacement Viton o-rings, suggest to order these and replace prior to installation.

I'm considering these for my V11 as well on the next tank removal, as my fuel tap is sh*t as well.

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The Beemerboneyard ones are metal replacements for the shitty plastic ones used on BMW bikes.  The plastic ones have a nasty habit of cracking and spewing high pressure fuel all over the engine.  Very common BMW problem.  Had to do a rather long ride home one time hoping no one threw a cigarette butt at me.

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