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In-Tank Fuel Pump Electrical Question

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For Docc & Phil

they have been "in tank"  since the 80s and the tanks have been both metal and plastic . 

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None of the in tank electronics "spark".  If they do, that's badnessAnd yes, the pump motor is brushless.

Edit - I don't think the pump is brushless in early 2000's.  The brushless motors are becoming more common. I know this because my company build the controller chips used for these motors. (A good business for us!).

It's the concentration of the fuel vapor that prevents explosions.

From Google -

"The reason electric, tank- mounted fuel pumps do not cause explosions is that the concentration of fuel vapors is too high to allow an explosive mixture. The volatile (which in this context refers to a tendency to evaporate) nature of gasoline causes fuel vapors to take up any empty space as the fuel tank is emptied. Even if you completely empty a tank, open its access ports, and allow it to sit open, the concentration of vapors INSIDE the tank will still be too high to explode. Now, OUTSIDE the tank is a different story, and for this reason, one must use caution when performing any sort of repair or maintenance to a fuel tank, regardless of the type of pump used on the vehicle."


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