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£9,999.00 Rosso Corsa on UK Ebay!


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2002 Rosso Corsa up for £9,999.00 on UK Ebay,  do not see that selling too quickly. Ex Dutch bike with mph speedo fitted so mileage?  'Fully restored' so not really original. Seller thinks only 500 sold world wide. Auction ends today 13.24BST. No bids.


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Gents yes , I am guilty . Yes it's a big ask price wise , but .....and hopefully the pictures show this , it's a minter . No it's not totally original , yes it has aftermarket slip ons and cross over  , heated grips and a gezzi brian belly pan, but that isn't really a crime here is it . I also have another V11 which also under went a full restoration at the same time , so to bag a MK1 Le Man to add to the collection, something has to give, but I'm in no hurry, I actually rode it today and was glad it hasn't sold. Probably put both the V11' s back in the house on show over the winter now and keep my eyes peeled for that MK1 . 

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