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2001 V11 Sport "TT" (1 of 15) for sale

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2001 V11 Sport TT for sale, 

This is one of the 15 designated "TT"s that were put out in the U.S. only as part of the U.S. import for sales.


carbon fiber M4 exhaust

CRG brake and clutch levers

custom bar end weights with Rizoma mirrors.

(as part of my "hobby" I work with a machinist and design parts for bikes that the market no longer really supports or never supported to a great detail.  I have designed about 12 - 14 parts for my Buells and Guzzis.  these bar ends are modeled after the factory weights and thread into the bars like the OEM weights but are stepped to accept the Rizoma mirrors and have an o-ring in a channel to hold the mirror while you adjust it before tightening it.)

Mileage: 13733

asking price: $5,500.00

Sport TT ad_opt (1).jpg

DSCF3130_opt (1).jpg

DSCF3132_opt (2).jpg

bar end close up_opt.jpg

thumbnail_opt (1).jpg

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My friend Jack had one of those TT's, I couldn't afford it when he sold, I had that Lemans to the right.. I wonder if that's the one you have? 
there was not anything special about it other than the paint job, right?



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I was going to ictroduce these in the proper forum area but a few folks have asked here in the classified ad for the TT, so.....


As I chase down rabbit holes to solve issues with low production number bikes I find that the market simply doesn't meet my "needs", so I started designing some of my own parts to accomplish what I needed or wanted.  some simple in though, some more complex, and this is all in my spare time.


A very common cmplaint on these V11 variants is the lack of support with bar end mirrors due to the way the bar end weights are designed to thread in, so I worked out a design with a new machinist, which added to the complexity but was a necessary eil since I had recently retired form the USAF and moved back to the midwest.


These are designed for a very specific Rizoma mirror that I wanted on my bike, these are big bikes with lots of shape and need a mirror that works with the bike and compliments the lines of the bike and that FUNCTION!  I found all of this while riding a buddies Ducati Monster that had these mirrors, and knew I had found my mirror of choice but they wouldn't fit the bike... I have been down this road far too many times with mods to my tube-frame Buells.

The bar ends needed to fit and function like the OEM design, and needed to be heavy, but needed to fit the Rizoma ID mirror mount.  and for added bonus, I had a channel for an o-ring cut that put a slight pressure bump against the inside of the mirror mount so that they were a slight pressure slip fit, in this manner they would stay put as you got them into perfect position, anyone thats messed with bar end mirrors knows its a bit of "fiddelsome" thing to find the right position holding with one hand, tightening with the other and then holding postion while you actually get into how you sit on the bike to ride....


I did have a few extra sets made to make available here, but with new kids I just havnt gotten around to it.


I had two different types made to account for early model and late model (2002 year break) as there were thread pitch differences between the early model and late model year groups...


they are made from heavy steel, I do not remember what grade as they needed to function like the OEM to balance out the vibrations, then iridite coated (if memory serves me correctly...) to protect them like the OEM bar end weights.


early up to 2001 were single piece weights and bar ends, 2002 and later had like 7 pieces that made up the bar end weight and the bar end.


these are one piece (well two if you count the o-ring).... and are correctly thread pitched to match early or late model design thread pitch.


I do have sets left........ 



bar end 3.jpg

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its entirely possible this was your friends bike.......

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I like that you've given consideration to the construction and physics of the functionality of the weight as well as mirror facility. If I were to choose another mirror style, would they not fit too?  IE 7/8"/22+mm cut at the indent? If so I would be interested in a set, and thanks for mentioning. (re: early V11)

I would also love to see what else you're up to in the rabbit hole

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better pictures (I hope..), new to posting photos here....



DSCF3130_opt large.jpg

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better picture....

DSCF3132_opt large.jpg

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Sorry I’ve been absent from my own thread, I’ve had a significant family emergency Involving my 1 yr old son and we’ve been focused on family and his survival.  I now have a moment to get back to this after seeing him smile and be playful this evening that gives me hope!

I’d like to focus this thread on selling this bike, even more so now with the unknown medical costs that lay ahead.


I’s like to move discussion regarding the bar ends to a separate thread. Next moment of breathing room I’ll get a thread started.


yes I do have bar ends that fit a Scura, these were originally designed for a Scura I was finishing for a buddy, and designed 2 version for the early vs late model.


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