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1977 Lemans - Extensive Fettling Finished

Dave Swanson

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One year ago I purchased this 77 Lemans.  It was a nice solid unit but had a few cosmetic issues.  The most serious was cosmetic damage to the fairing, instruments, and instrument housings.   When I got it home I noticed that the red gear lube in the transmission was leaking from the bell housing.  This gave me the incentive to give it a complete going over. 

Here is the summary.

The engine was partially disassembled for inspection and found to be in very good condition.
Rear main seal replaced, and gave the exterior a detail.
Replaced clutch and upgraded to the deep spline.
Disassembled for inspection and found to be in good condition.
Rear and front main seals replaced. Front seal had been leaking.
U-Joint replaced and all spline drive shaft and couplings.
U-joint carrier bearing replaced. The bearing felt rough and upon removal found the inner race had 3 cracks.
Rear drive spline and mating drive spline on rear wheel replaced, along with new cush rubbers.
All 3 brake rotors were refinished by TrueDisk.
All brake pads replaced with "best" Brembo carbon ceramic pads.
New front master cylinder rebuild kit.
Brake lines replaced with black steel braided lines.
Damaged instruments repaired by Palo Alto Speedometer Service
Damaged instrument cluster housings replaced
New wiring harness from Greg Bender. A thing of beauty!
Fresh paint by PaintWorks. Craig did his usual amazing work including the satin black finish on the fuel tank.
New exact reproduction seat from Guzzibits.
All rusty hardware was zinc plated at Manner Plating (local).
Fresh Avon AM 26 RoadRiders and converted to tubeless.
Fork seals and many other rubber bits replaced.


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