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Seventeenth South'n Spine Raid 2021


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On 14/9/2021 at 03:52, Tom in Virginia said:

Ecco un link alle mie foto. Ho guidato da solo, mangiato da solo, quindi non molte delle giostre dei ragazzi ma alcune delle discussioni della Tech Session.


Bellissime foto... Complimenti! 

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This South'n SpineRaid exhibited the classic elements that are the formula for success and delight. Nothing can happen, in the least, unless you "Get There."

Ride a Griso? Bring a LoopFrame? A Honda? Come late? Bring a friend? Okay to trailer? As long as you get there!

Lots of ways to "get there."  Three Sports to the wind? Check!


And "Get There" was not lost on these cool cats (what a sight!!) :


"Get There."


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And, of course, "Bring Tools."  Two different SpineRaiders allowed as how they were ready to deploy guzzidiag, if desired or necessary. The Lodge guest with the needy Yamaha (not a SpineRaider) was suitably impressed when @HRC_V4 produced an air pig for his low tire. :thumbsup:


"Bring Tools."


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Our time at the SSR is pretty much in these pix:

The Ride to the XVII SSR and Back

If you care, hover cursor over pix for captions.

Of course, there are too many; that’s how you know that they are genuine and from me, not some imposter.

In defense of what may seem a complete lack of discipline, I started with 500+, so it could have been worse.



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