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Seventeenth South'n Spine Raid

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No surprise that there are those of us anxiously looking this far ahead. Plus, I was reminded that some folks have to put in time-off requests by year end.

As ever:

Weekend after US Labor Day

(Sept. 10-12, 2021)

Tellico Plains ,TN, USA

Get There. Bring Tools.


Here, again, 2021 is Moto Guzzi's centesimo, so we ought to whoop this up! (I'm not at all sure how "whoop this up" translates into Italian). :mg:


Those riding in from Varsseveld or Bungendore can head out now and have plenty of time to "Get There" . . . :nl::grin:

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  • docc changed the title to Seventeenth South'n Spine Raid
9 hours ago, Twin AH said:

Shees Doc.......... 4500 Klm one way.

Would love to participate one day :thumbsup:

You still have the note I wrote you for last year?

"Doctor's Orders" :nerd:


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