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Ok, here might be a good post to add this. Been playing with a 2000 v11 sport runs nicely, less than 5k on it. considering selling it, not because I don't like it, its gorgeous bike, but because I have difficulty controlling my right wrist on it for some reason and have just had my second finger wagging from a very nice state cop who could well have cuffed me and towed the bike. Not quite as concours as Brians bike but damned nice. Whats it worth ? Still sorting occasional gremlins, speedo packed up about 60 miles ago, and the old neutral light/sidestand chestnut seems to be occurring occasionly. ( Sometimes need to flick sidestand a couple of times, sometimes need to snick in and out of second and rock the bike to get power. Never failed yet but.......

Its going to get locked away for the winter, but contemplating. Have enough trouble staying legal on the 1100 Cali.

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