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I’m actually renting this, mine is in the shop getting the cam box gaskets replaced. The old N-14 Cummins Engines all start to leak oil around these cam covers. There are three of them on the left side of the engine and you have to strip everything off to get at them. Fuel pump, ECM, Air Compressor, Power Steering Pump.. 

It’s a rather lengthy and expensive repair. Considering this week is the annual “DOT Inspection Blitz” I’m certainly not running around with leaking cam covers.

This is a Freightliner Coranado, quite roomy and it has a Detroit Diesel in it, straight 10 speed. Not so bad, although the cheap plastic interior is signature Freightliner. 

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Handsome dog....looks pretty mellow. Brought my boxer with me when I was driving...did >500,000 miles with her. Always had to lift her into the cab...except once in winter in Wyoming...man it was cold! She knew the drill...up into the driver's floorboard..do a quick 180 for paw wipe. As a pup..she had a thing for the driver's seat air line. One time in particular...I-10 in New Orleans (the elevated part with no shoulder) during morning rush hour...I heard a concurrent yip of surprise and PSSSSSSSSSSSSSST of escaping air. By then I knew to have a few air line splice kits available.

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3 hours ago, leroysch said:

As a pup..she had a thing for the driver's seat air line.

Yeah... my lovely, little, precious furry best buddy has chewed into oblivion a very expensive Canada Goose winter cap, about $50 worth of apple charging cords, a pack of log books, 2 pillows... did i mention I love her? Etc.....

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My 1st Corso ate one entire leather work glove. I wondered why she wasn’t eating and being very aggressive. Took her in to the vet and they cut her open and returned to me in a plastic baggy my missing glove.

i was wtf? How? Huh? Really? Geeze these dogs can do some wild shit... I’ve had to erect mini barricades around my speakers at home because I would absolutely freak if she started chewing on my cables.

I’m not into $10,000 a inch cables... but I do use quality stuff. Stuff I’d rather not have to try and replace at today’s prices...

Ohh btw, she discovered what bass feels like :)  hahahaha... was playing some Steely Dan ( Lunch with Gina) and turned it up just a bit. She was in awe! That was hilarious. 

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