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Reviving an Old Garage

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Heh, I saw this view and thought, "Okay, the guy's got a fridge and Workshop Manual. This is gonna be okay." :luigi::drink:


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Panelling for looks, insulation, light reflectivity, cleanliness, dust mitigation and some additional security. Plus it just makes for a nicer working environment. Ciao 

I also spy Bill Hagan's clever gear rack: a six (or eight?) foot ladder to hang jackets and pants from, totes and helmets on top, boots and totes at the base. Brilliant!

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Just found this most excellent project and read through it. LOVE IT. The Greenie really pops in that rustic environment with red accents. 

Somebody mentioned epoxy floor paint in an earlier post. I second that. I have spilled everything on mine and the only thing that did any damage was aircraft paint stripper.  I recently saw at a Sherwin Williams store that you can have epoxy paint mixed to any color you want. 

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Hey Scud! Great to hear from you! I’m loving this space, and it’s been awesome to see what other people have going on for the their garage / man cave / moto lair. Mine is modest, but it does the trick. A lot people would consider this place a tear down, but it’s one of the oldest original homes in this area. I’m really glad that I opted for keeping the wood in a cleaned up but raw unpainted original state. It suits the vibe of this funky old school vintage So-Cal home, and it feels great being here and tweaking the “cave”. Will have to look into the epoxy floor paint to take the place up.
The Green Muse will have some company soon as it looks like I will be adding a T3 in the next few days.

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