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2 hours ago, Chuck said:

Are you sure it's not just the belt slipping? I would think that anything mechanical screeching wouldn't do it for long. :o

I suppose, but I'll confirm your suspicions about my ignorance by saying I didn't even know the expletive-deleted had a belt! :homer:

Now, that said, I think it is a failed seal/gasket or something of that sort because the screeching begin when it hits whatever PSI that displeases it on any given day.  I'll get a sound byte somehow for your entertainment after Chris and lady leave.


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I've been using the Harbor Freight tire changer, with the Mojo Blocks and Mojo Lever. It's mounted on a pallet. It's been pretty good, but there was a learning curve.

Having recently bought 6 motorcycle tires (a pair each for the Scura, Stelvio, and 701 Enduro) I decided to get the No Mar tire changer with the hitch mount. 

I did the Scura tires yesterday and I really like the convenience of the hitch-mount, and I'll probably figure a way to mount it on the wall or hang it from the ceiling when not in use. The wheel mounts much more securely to the NoMar than it did to the Harbor Freight. The wheel did not spin at all while removing or installing either tire. On the Harbor Freight unit, I had to use strap to tie a spoke to one of the arms. 

The bead breaker was a puzzle at first, because it is not compatible with the hitch mount and I didn't mount it to the floor (can't drill into a post-tension slab). I managed to get the front bead broken with some effort. For the rear, I figured out how to position the bead-breaker under my hitch, then used an adjustable height hitch and some wood to sort of jack the truck up on the bead breaker to keep it in place. That worked great.

As for the levers and lubes, I had plenty of RuGlide tire mount lube so I used that and didn't try the NoMar stuff yet. I did try their mount and demount bar, but I like the Mojo Level better. Maybe it's because I have so much experience with the MojoLever, but I really struggled with the NoMar lever. I can probably figure it out, but I think I'll just stick with the one I know.

FYI - my Harbor Freight unit is for sale on Craigslist for $75. But if anybody here wants to come get it, I'll gladly take $40.

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I have the HF, and saw pix of the mojo lever and mojo blocks, so naturally I converted the horrible HF lever to a mojo lever. (I have *lots* of Delrin, and a lathe.) :huh2: Made something that looks like mojo blocks, and have changed *many* tires. I like the mojo lever idea..

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